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About the Maryland Steeplechase Association

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The Maryland Steeplechase Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting and developing amateur equestrian athletic sports competition through the Governor’s Cup Series, for fostering
traditional relationships between foxchasing and steeplechasing, and for the development, administration, and support of educational programs and clinics for all levels of amateur equestrian competition. MSA accomplishes these goals by providing awards and incentives for amateur athletes and by creating and awarding various youth scholarships for the development of future sportsmen. Membership is open to each race meet in Maryland; membership entitles the race to two seats on the Board, with 5 at-large seats; nominations for which may come from steeplechasing community.

MSA Board of Directors – 2016

Beverley Bosselman, MFH
Brooke Boyer
Christine F. Clagett, MFH
E. Burling Cocks
John Cory
Irvin L. Crawford, MFH
Blake P. Curry
Joseph G. Davies
Peter Fenwick
Sherlock S. Gillet Jr
Crystal B. Kimball, MFH
Robert A. Kinsley, MFH
H. Turney McKnight, MFH
J.W.Y. Martin, MFH
Garrett Murray
Louis Neilson III
Ross R. Pearce
Barrie Reightler
William Reightler
Roger I. Scullin, MFH
Alexandra C. Smith
James Stierhoff
Adair Stifel (alternate)
Kristen Tubman
Michael T. Wharton
Todd J. Wyatt (alternate)
Albert J.A. Young

Governor’s Cup Chief Steward
J.W.Y. Martin, MFH
410-833-1167 • 410-370-1144 • Jwymfh@aol.com

Maryland Steeplechase Association (MSA)
P.O. Box 651 • Lisbon, MD 21765
410-489-7826 x 104 • fax 410-489-7828