Maryland Steeplechase Association

Hunter Trial Triple Crown

Presented by Farm Credit  

Award Conditions 

The following conditions will apply:*

  1. Riders must participate in all three MSA Hunter Trial Triple Crown classes to be eligible, held at The Hundred Acre Field, EHHC, and GSVH (see below for 2019 dates). The class at each will be a three-foot open hunter class.
  2. Points will follow the rider.  A competitor may ride as many horses or ponies as he/she wants, but only their highest score will count towards the points total. Mounts will only be allowed one trip in this class. In order to support the Hunter Trials, competitors are strongly encouraged to participate in other classes that day. No “un-judged” or “schooling rounds” will be permitted in the class.
  3. The points will break down as follows: First – 10, second – 6, third – 5, fourth – 4, fifth – 3, sixth – 2. A single point will be awarded to every non-placing rider who completes the course.
  4. In the event of a tie, the highest placing rider at GSVH will determine the series winner. If GSVH has to cancel for any reason, the highest placing rider in the designated class at EHHC will determine the winner.
  5. All horses/ponies and riders eligible.
  6. Attire: Consult each prize list as attire will vary. ASTM approved helmets required.
  7. Prize: $750.00 cash, and a custom cooler by Fenwick Equestrian; total value $1,000. Winner take all.**

* This award/series is new in the fall of 2019, and the organizers reserve the right to tweak conditions for any or all three events as conditions suggest. This is not intended to change the basic premise, but rather to allow for discretion in the event of unforeseen issues or unintended consequences.

** EHHC will award a separate cash prize to the winner of this class at EHHC, amount to be determined.

The Hundred Acre Field Hunter Trials, October 13, 2019

Elkridge Harford Hunter Trials, October 20, 2019

Green Spring Valley Hounds Hunter Trials, October 27, 2019