And the winners are…

The 2023 Maryland Governor’s Cup Series Winners The Maryland Governors’ Cup Steeplechase Horse of the Year (Open Timber Champion): Royal Ruse (Owned by Charlie Fenwick Jr.; Trained by Sanna Neilson) The Maryland Novice Timber Champion: Mr. Fine Threads (Owned by Armata Stables; Trained by

Races have concluded; who is in the lead?

What do Royal Ruse, Renegade River, Mr. Fine Threads, Great Road, Master Seville, Chosen Me, Bogey’s Image, Teddy Davies, Freddie Procter, Virginia Korrell, Elizabeth Scully, George Connolly, Tomgarrow (Ire), Withoutmoreado, Joe Davies, Leslie Young, Cami Kern, Carly Kern, Jaidyn Shore,

About the Maryland Steeplechase Association

The Maryland Steeplechase Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting and developing amateur equestrian athletic sports competition through the Governor’s Cup Series, for fostering traditional relationships between foxchasing and steeplechasing, and for the development, administration, and support of educational programs and clinics for all levels of amateur equestrian competition.