2019 Condition Book

The Maryland Steeplechase Association Condition Book contains all of the race conditions in the Governor’s Cup Series.  The general conditions, qualifying races for year end awards, race conditions, contact information for all of the race meets, instructions for entering a race, etc., can be found in the condition book.  To receive a hard copy of the condition book email your request to info@marylandsteeplechase.org.


Please note: The MSA condition book went to press prior to the Fair Hill schedule of races being completed. Please check FairHillRaces.com for updates. The following race condition changes were made on March 22:

Fair Hill Point-to-Point Extra races

Due to a lack of committed and acceptable horses for the Junior Hurdle Race, that race will not be carded. The committee will add two additional hurdle races

Extra #1) HURDLE. For five year-olds and up. (Winners only). To be ridden by Amateur Apprentice riders. 160 lbs. Non-winners of a hurdle stake allowed 5 lbs.; of two races, 10 lbs. Riders who have never won an NSA-sanctioned race allowed 5 lbs. Riders who have never won a steeplechase race, other than Junior or Junior Field Master Chase, allowed 15 lbs. Horses and riders acceptable to the committee. One mile and three-quarters over National fences.

Extra #2) MAIDEN HURDLE. For horses four years old and up, which have never won over hurdles. Four year-olds 150 lbs., older 160 lbs. Horse and riders acceptable to the committee. One mile and seven-eighths


Clarification of Conditions for the 6th Race of the Junior Hunt Cup (April 28)
The Maryland International Young Rider Hunt Cup

Timber Race:  Open to amateur riders under the age of 18 on ponies, 14.2 hands and under, who are a minimum of 5 years old.  Entries must have completed three or more Field Master Chases or be approved by the Race Committee.  Catch weights.  All owners, riders, and ponies must be acceptable to the Committee.  All riders MUST attend a mandatory course walk, time TBD. About 2 miles over fences, not to exceed 3’.  If Committee approval is sought for an entry because they do not meet the Junior Field Master Chase Condition, direct inquiries to 410-446-0939 or info@shawandowns.org.