Qualified Jr. Field Master’s Chase Competitors

This list is current as of April 6, 2023. It consists of rider and mount combinations qualified to compete in a Field Master’s Chase in Maryland.  If a mount/rider combo does not appear on this list, it does not mean they do not qualify for Field Master’s Chase races.

Ways to qualify for a Junior Field Master’s Chase

( from MSA Governer’s Cup Series General Conditions for Junior, Pony and Young Rider entries rule #7):

Junior Field Master’s Chase Qualification Card: Juniors who wish to enter a Junior Field Master’s Chase must qualify. Where required by an individual race meet’s Conditions:

(a)   Foxhunting Qualification. During the 12 months prior to their first entry of the season, any rider who wishes to enter a Junior Field Master’s Chase may first hunt the entry at least four times for at least 1.5 hours each time. A qualification card issued by MSA must then be signed by the current Master of Foxhounds or Field Secretary of each recognized or unrecognized hunt with whom the entry hunts.* Riders may download the MSA qualification card from the MSA web site, or request a copy from the MSA Secretary.

*The MSA has reached out to recognized and unrecognized hunts in this region, and made them aware of this condition. The MSA recognizes that not all Juniors who wish to ride in these races belong to a hunt. Regional hunts have been encouraged to assist those Juniors in meeting this Condition by permitting them to hunt at a no-cap, or low-cap rate, and pairing them with a mentor while that requirement is met. Inquiries regarding this opportunity should be directed to the hunt contacts listed on the qualification card.

Where (a) is not required by the individual race meet, the following alternatives are available:
(b)  Clinic Qualification. A rider who wishes to place an entry in a Junior Field Master’s Clinic may be certified to race the entry by a member of the Maryland Steeplechase Association Board of Directors based on attendance at a clinic approved by the Maryland Steeplechase Association for these purposes; or
(c)   “Grandfather” Qualification. A rider who wishes to enter a Junior Field Master’s Chase may seek the consent of the MSA Chief Steward to enter based on his/her past performance(s) in Junior Field Master’s Chases with the same horse or pony.