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ATTN. all MSA trainers!

If you are entering races sanctioned by the National Steeplechase Association (NSA), please call the NSA office at (410)-392-0700 or (443)-553-1882 (text preferred).

If you are entering point-to-point races, check the individual meet conditions for how to enter, but for most MD point-to-point entries, overnights, and results contact Alissa Norman, Central Entry Office (alissa@centralentryoffice.com, (484)-897-0096).

When entries open, they will be taken on Central Entry’s website. We encourage you to enter on the website and print a copy of your entry to keep for your records.

Please contact Central Entry with any new information prior to entry day.

The practice of mailing paper overnights has CEASED. For that reason, Central Entry will not be accepting any documents, tickets, etc. to mail out.

Please see the image (also found in the Condition Book), for more details on entry procedure.


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