Don’t miss your opportunity to participate because you didn’t read the Conditions!

Pony Measuring: If you would like to compete a pony in the Junior Field Master Chases in Maryland, and be eligible for Governor’s Cup Year-End Awards, your pony must be measured by our designated pony measurer, and placed in the database that can be found at the website. John Almond will do this for you for a fee of $25.00. He has the forms with him. Please reach out to him directly if the pony is not in the database. His telephone number is 443.243.3486. See 2019 Junior and Young Rider Pony and Field Master Chase Condition No. 6. The Condition Book also can be found at the website.

Qualifications: Pursuant to Condition 7, you must qualify in one of three ways. You may qualify pursuant to the fox hunting option, which requires that you and your mount were out four times in the last twelve months for 1.5 hours each, as attested to by a Master. Or, you can be approved by a member of the Board of the Maryland Steeplechase Association who watches you perform at a clinic. Thirdly, if you have safely competed with your horse or pony in Junior Field Master Chases in the past, you may reach out to the MSA Chief Steward, Duck Martin, at to be “grandfathered” in. Those who have qualified are reflected in a database also at the website.

Entering a Race: Each individual race meet will specify when entries must be made. Typically, it is by noon on the Monday before the race. Entries can be made at, at 540.439.3820, or fax 888.439.5521.

Should you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to Mike Wharton at 410.991.5918 or

Thank you.

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