The 2021 Condition Book for the Maryland Steeplechase Association Governor’s Cup Series is now available online. This year, the Condition Book will only be available in a digital format in order to adapt to anticipated changes due to the ongoing pandemic. Every race meet intends to run, but changes to each race meet and the cards are probable. As changes occur, the Condition Book will be updated, so please continue to check back and monitor our website and social media to be made aware of these important adjustments.

This year, there are two important changes to the conditions:

10(b): Rider Allowances:  Unless otherwise specifically stated in the Conditions for a particular race, all MSA jump and flat races will honor the National Steeplechase Association Rider Allowance Schedule as follows: Ten pounds prior to 1st sanctioned steeplechase win, seven pounds prior to 5th sanctioned steeplechase win, and five pounds prior to 15th sanctioned steeplechase win.

18(a): Points for the Foxhall Farm Cup Teamchase: The three horses and three riders on the team that wins the fast time event will each get one point. No other points will be awarded.

The Condition Book can be found here, on our homepage, and on Central Entry’s website.

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