After the cancellation of all race meets in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Maryland Steeplechase Association is pleased to announce that there will be a 2021 Governors Cup Series, sponsored by MidAtlantic Farm Credit. Every race meet intends to run, but due to the ongoing pandemic and state and county restrictions, how much of the card each meet will run and whether spectators will be allowed is yet to be determined. For the full schedule, scroll down on the MSA homepage.


The MSA will publish a 2021 Maryland Condition Book, but only in a digital format in order to adapt to anticipated changes to each race meet as the season approaches. The Condition Book will be available to view and download on the MSA website and on Central Entry’s website. The Condition Book should be available by the end of February.

The Howard County Cup hopes to offer a full card, but that remains to be determined.

Rider Allowances

Unless otherwise specifically stated in the Conditions for a particular race, all MSA jump and flat races will honor the National Steeplechase Association Rider Allowance Schedule as follows: Ten pounds prior to 1st sanctioned steeplechase win, seven pounds prior to 5th sanctioned steeplechase win, and five pounds prior to 15th sanctioned steeplechase win


As of press time, the Foxhall Farm will be limited to participants.

Several of the race meets, including My Lady’s Manor and Potomac, are eliminating general parking and other classes, reducing to reserved and/or rail-side only with new configurations.

The Grand National Steeplechase and the Maryland Hunt Cup have released statements that they will run with or without spectators, to be determined later in the winter/early spring.

Please monitor and related social media for updates on all race meets.


Spring will kick off on Sunday, March 7 with our Novice Steeplechase Clinic held at Billy Santoro’s Prospect Farm at 11 am. This mounted clinic is for novice riders (16 and under) who want to learn about steeplechase and pony racing. All levels are encouraged to attend and previous race experience is not required. This year’s experienced clinicians will be Billy Santoro, Alicia Murphy, Todd and Blair Wyatt, Mark Beecher, and Sean McDermott. Advanced registration is required and more information can be found here.


Series awards will be given out but it is too early to determine if this event will be held in-person or virtually.

Comings & Goings

The following Directors have retired from the Board, and the MSA thanks them for their service: Blake P. Curry (At-Large), Peter Fenwick (Grand National), Bill Reightler (At Large), James Stierhoff (Green Spring Valley Point-to-Point), and Alix Smith (MD Junior Hunt Cup).

MSA welcomes the following new directors: Lucy Goelet (At-Large); Robbie Keller (Foxhall Farm); Forrest Kelly (Grand National); Alicia Murphy (At-Large).

MSA new officers for the 2021-2022 seasons are as president, Michael Wharton; as vice president, Crystal Brumme Pickett; as treasurer, Ned Worthington; as secretary, Barrie Reightler.

It is with deep regret that MSA announces the loss of the Fair Hill Point-to-Point and we hope to someday see a new point-to-point at Fair Hill. We also bid adieu to MSA Directors Brooke Boyer and Don Cochran.

For 2021, the Fair Hill Races remain on hiatus.

The Maryland Junior Hunt Cup hopes to be reinvented as a junior racing festival – stay tuned.

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