The Green Spring Valley Hounds hosted the Foxhall Farm Trophy Team Cha

(L to R) Hazel O'Neil, Maisie O'Neil and Tatiana Susko representing Mt Carmel Hounds.

(L to R) Hazel O’Neil, Maisie O’Neil and Tatiana Susko representing Mt Carmel Hounds.

se yesterday in Glyndon, MD.  The fast time winners were a trio of 16 year old best friends, Hazel O’Neil (Admiral Bull), Maisie O’Neil (Ghost Bar), and Tatiana Sushko (Christain’s Star) wowed the crowd completing the course in a little over 11 minutes.  The girls represented the Mt. Carmel Hounds located in Upperco, MD and were the fastest time of the day out of the 39 entered teams.  All three young riders made the jump from junior racing to the “big-leagues” this spring and they all rode their first timber race in open company last weekend at the Blue Ridge Pt-to-Pt against the likes of accomplished amateur jockey Diana Gillam.

HCIB Winner Team Foxhall Optimum TimeThe Howard County-Iron Bridge Team captured the Full Cry Trophy, closest to the Optimum Time.  Riding for HICB were Lauren Faulkner (Aaron’s Pick), Emily Melton (Parker), and Trae Reuwer (Power Seeker).  The smiles here say it all!  For full results from the Foxhall Farm Trophy Team Chase click here.

The next stop for the Maryland Steeplechase Association Governor’s Cup Series will be at the Green Spring Valley Hounds Pt-to-Pt on April 2nd.  Be sure to get your tickets today!


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