MSA Young Rider Racing Clinic
Sunday, March 12 at 11:00 AM
Dodon Farm, Davidsonville, MD

Did you know???
•  To ride in an MSA Field Master’s Chase you and your mount (the combo) must be approved by an MSA representative, obtain a grandfathered status, OR have hunted your mount at least 4 times in the last year for at least 1.5hrs. (see Rule 7 in MSA Jr/Young Rider General Conditions)
•  ALL ponies running in an MSA race MUST obtain a measurement card issued by the MSA, USEF permanent cards or cards from other jurisdictions are not honored. (see Rule 6 in MSA Jr/Young Rider General Conditions)
•  ALL mount/rider combos riding in a USPR sanctioned race MUST be approved as a pair regardless of their hunting status or MSA approval.

Did you know???
ALL OF THE ABOVE can be checked off at the Maryland Steeplechase Association Young Rider Clinic!!!   So don’t miss your opportunity to get some requirements out of the way!  There are very few opportunities to do all of these things in ONE spot.

Don’t miss out on the price break ($25) , which ends tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7th.  PLUS!  Don’t miss your chance to ride with some of the top amateur steeplechase jockeys in the circuit including James Stierhoff, Bethany Baumgardner, and Eric Poretz…. all of Maryland Hunt Cup fame…. as well as NSA trainer, Regina Welsh, and amateur steeplechase jockey, Casey Pinkard!

Here is the link to information about the clinic.  To go directly to the registration form click HERE.

For questions call Regina at 410-329-3749 or email

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