UPDATED 10/18/19 4:43 p.m.

The Maryland Steeplechase Association and the organizers of Maryland’s fall hunter trials are pleased to announce the points earned after the first leg of the new $1,000 MSA Hunter Trial Triple Crown, which kicked off this past Sunday, October 13 with the Hundred Acre Hunter Trials:

  1. Meittinis, Stephanie 10
  2. Gillet, Shockey 6
  3. Fenwick, Daisy 5
  4. Lively, Rachael 4
  5. Fenwick, Patty 3

This winner-take-all “Triple Crown” series is based upon points earned by riders in the 3’ Open Hunter Classes at Hundred Acre, Elkridge Harford (this weekend, click here for prize list) and Green Spring Valley next weekend. The winner will receive $750 plus a custom cooler by Fenwick Equestrian, for a total value of $1,000.

Riders may make multiple trips in each class, one round per horse; only their highest placing will be counted towards final points*. Points are distributed based on placings: 1st place receives ten points, 2nd place six points, 3rd place receives five, 4th place receives four points, 5th place receives three points, 6th place receives two points.  A single point will be awarded to every non-placing rider who completes the course. Riders must compete in all three hunter trials to be eligible for the award. Click here to review the complete conditions.

The MSA Hunter Trial Triple Crown is made possible by the support of Farm Credit.

All Eligible Riders

In addition to the above, the following riders competed in the Hundred Acres Triple Crown Hunter Class, and thus are eligible for the Triple Crown. All eligible riders receive one point for finishing the class; all must ride in all 3 Hunter Trials to maintain eligiblity.

  • Kori Pickett
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Robbie Keller
  • Colin Smith
  • Sarah Hess
  • Bet Bridges
  • Justin Batoff
  • Maddie Rowland
  • Caila Quinn
  • Alex Glascock
  • Suzanne Stettinius​
  • Blair Wyatt

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