With $320,500, Richest Spring Steeplechase Season in Maryland History

Just announced: the Mount Harmon Wicomico Hunt Point-to-Point has joined the growing trend of offering a purse for a point-to-point. The $5,500 purse will be divided between the open timber ($2,500), maiden timber ($1,500), amateur apprentice timber ($1,000) with a leading trainer bonus of $500. The Mount Harmon Wicomico Hunt Point-to-Point is next Sunday, April 16th.

The big three timbers have been offering substantial purses for many years now. This year, My Lady’s Manor $105,000 nudges out Hunt Cup’s $100,000, with the Grand National sitting chilly in third with $70,000.

EHPtP Celebrates 100 Years with $30,000

Also new is the $30,000 purse for tomorrow’s Elkridge Harford Hunt Point-to-Point, a unique way for this storied meet to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Not only is the purse a happy surprise, but so is the celebration! For decades, club leaders thought that they would celebrate the 100th anniversary of what are today known as the Elkridge-Harford Point-to-Point Races in 2025 – that was until someone found a trophy from 1923 running of the Harford Hunt Club Steeplechase! By 1932, the meet was known as Harford Hunt Races and Livestock Fair and was held in the fall at what today is known as Ladew Gardens. After a hiatus during WWII, the races resumed in the spring at Atlanta Hall, the home farm of Elkridge-Harford Master of Foxhounds, Edward S. Voss and his wife Elsa. Atlanta Hall continues to the home for both the Voss Family and the race meet. Over the decades, the meet has seen many famous names, from both the world of entertainment as well as the turf, including English Grand National champions Jay Trump and Ben Nevis II. Click here for more history!

Harford Hunt Club Steeplechase 1925
According to historian Maryanna Skowronski, this is the earliest known race meet photo, which appeared in a December 1925 edition of The Baltimore Sun. To the left with his back to the camera, is Alexander Brown. To the right in the bowler hat reining in his horse is Lurman Stewart, winner of the race. A hunt took place after the race. For more great photos, see EHHCPtP Facebook Page!

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